We began this blog upon witnessing the dearth of digital scholarship on Latin American art and visual culture.  The rich vernacular and avant-garde visual traditions of Latin America often become relegated to a few sound bytes or tacked on as footnotes to Eurocentric master narratives of art history.  These same tropes often become reproduced on the internet, despite its promise as a relatively democratized space for the exchange of information and ideas.  And if you don’t believe us, consider what happens when you type “Aztec” into google:

What happens when you type "Aztec" into google.

Only three terms down the list we start to see references to sweaters, folk bands, cars, cardigans, and leggings.  This blog probably won’t be able to change google’s suggested search terms.  But it can help to dismantle prevailing misconceptions about Latin American art and cultivate a space for progressive and accessible public scholarship.  The contributions here bring new voices and perspectives to the study of Latin America’s artistic patrimony from the pre-Columbian era to the present day, shedding light on the dynamism of the visual traditions of Latin America and its diaspora.

If you are interested in contributing a post to Latin America Visualized, please contact us by sending a message through the site or at renee dot mcgarry at gmail dot com and aic42 at cornell dot edu.

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